There are daily flights to Bergen and Stavanger from Notodden Airport.

Juke Joint Studio

– the perfect world for analog sound enthusiasts



How did it start?

The studio took the name Juke Joint Studio after arriving over the Atlantic in a container. But the story starts long before this. The heart of the studio is the legendary Audiotronix mixer where one can find engraved the words “This is a property of STAX – Memphis”.

To cut a long story with lot of ups and downs short, the original name of the studio was Moon Music, established in Olympia, Washington. The studio was being run by Steve Wold, who later have had tremendous global success as the Hobo Blues-artist “Seasick Steve”. Mr. World is a hardcore Vintage Enthusiast with strong feelings for the old and rare. He also had good experience in restoring and maintaining equipment of this kind.

So when Mr. Wold decided to move to Norway in 2001 with his Norwegian-born wife, he decided to bring this unique gem from Olympia to Notodden. The studio was renamed from Moon Music to Juke Joint Studio, and later sold to the current owners by Mr. Wold.

During its time as Moon Music, the studio was the main stage for several highly acclaimed Indie-recordings in the late 90’s. Famous bands like Modest Mouse, 764 Her, Fitz of Depression and the Murder City Devils made some of their most important recordings in the studio.

And now its here in Notodden and its available for you!

What services do we offer?

  • Full productions with or without in house producer
  • Part productions or minor additions
  • Processing of digital files to/from analog tape
  • Processing of digital files in rare and original limiters, gates or compressors
  • Full digital integration based on Logic Pro/Apple
  • One of Norway’s largest recording spaces – 1200 square feet (110 m2), ceiling height 16 feet (5 metres)
  • Where can you find us?

Notodden and Juke Joint Studio is geographically placed about 120 Km south-west of Oslo. Notodden is an old industry town that gradually has converted into a cultural town, partly because of their globally famous Blues Festival. Communication to and from Oslo is made easy by the Timebussen coaches leaving to and from Oslo once per hour24/7 all year long. There are daily flights to Bergen with Bergen Air, and hourly train departures to and from Skien/Porsgrunn.


The studio is equipped with different instruments and amps including:

  • Fender Rhodes
  • Wurlitzer
  • Hammond B3 with Leslie
  • Steinway Grand Piano
  • Gretch drumkit
  • Various guitar amps

Studio Equipment

Rack 1
Rack 2


  • 1x Fairchild 660 mono tube
  • 1x RCA BA6A tube
  • 1x Collins 26U-1 tube
  • 1x Teletronics LA2A tube
  • 1x Altec 436A tube
  • 1x Gates Level Devil tube
  • 1x uree 1176 LN
  • 1x uree 1178
  • 1x uree LA3A
  • 2x uree LA4
  • 1x CBS Volumax tube
  • 1x ADR vocal stressor

Outboard EQ’s

  • 1x Pultext EQPIA tube
  • 1x Pultext MEQ5 tube

Mic Pres

  • 3x Telefunken V72 tube
  • 1x Ampex 351 tube


  • 1x EMT 140 mono tube
  • 1x EMT 140 stereo tube
  • 1x AKG BX20 spring
  • 1x Master Room spring


  • RCA 44 BX
  • 2 x RCA 77 DX
  • U87
  • Some Röde, Shure, and such


JJS can provide affordable accommodations through our selected partners. Here are some examples (prices per person in single rooms):

Basic Hostel with shared living room and kitchen:

Weekly rental: From NOK 750,- Monthly rental: From NOK 2800,-

Hotel: Daily charge: From NOK 500,-