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Hoved-lydtekniker, Jukejoint Studio

Velkommen til studioet vårt!

Jukejoint Studio er kjent for sin flotte lyd og samling av analogt utstyr.

Vi har flyttet inn i nye flotte lokaler i Bok & Blueshuset på Notodden.

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Njål Frode, 10. november 2013

Vi har nå laget kategorier for Nyheter for flytteprosessen og en som er ukategorisert Uten kategori, og de kommer til å bli oppdatert med bilder og info.




Welcome to Jukejoint Studio!

We are moving the studio now to new and faboulus rooms and surroundings in the new community house in Notodden.

We are very much looking forward to this, but unfortunately we will not be able to accept new bookings until late this year, as we probably will not be operational until January 2014.

(News written September 16th, by Njal Frode Lie)

In 2012 we had several nominations from albums recorded here, and hopefully 2013 will be as good or better.

Two nominations for Blues Award with the Lazy Lester album recorded here, and one nomination to the ‘Norwegian Grammy’ Spellemannsprisen, for the latest Rita Engedalen album, also recorded here.

Perhaps your album will be the one to get nominations next time?

You are welcome to contact us both for bookings and for any questions about the euipment and facilities.

(News written December 17th 2012, by Njal Frode Lie)

A bit between the updates lately, but 2012 had some very good albums recorded in Jukejoint, and among them was Spoonful of Blues ‘Sinners’, and Woman in Blues.

Spoonful of<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />               Blues - Sinners

Woman in<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />               Blues

Both albums recorded in Jukejoint Studio, and mixed and mastered in Hydroparken Studio.
(News written by Njal Frode Lie, December 17th 2012)

Rita Engedalen has released her new album and the first reviews are great! 6/6 in nationwide Aftenposten, 5/6 in nationwide Dagbladet, 6/6 in the regionpaper Hamar Arbeiderblad, and several 5/6.

The award winning Rita Engedalens’ new album has now been released.

Rita Engedalen - album

Produced by Rita Engedalen and Morten Omlid
Recorded in Jukejoint Studio by Njal Frode Lie.

Mastered in Hydroparken Studio by Njal Frode Lie

Mixed in Hydroparken Studio by Njal Frode Lie (with the producers)


The album consists of mostly new original songs, and the backing is by Rita’s band and a selection of guest artists.

More on the web of her record company; Bluestown Records:



(News written August 14th2011, by Njal Frode Lie)

Lazy Lester album released

Produced by Morten Omlid and Jostein Forsberg for BluesTown Records.

Recorded by Njal Frode Lie in Jukejoint Studio, to analoge 2 inch tape:

Bluestown Records presents:

New fabulous CD from Louisiana Blues Legend


The album is full of new inventive originals and great takes on old favourites. You Better Listen highlights for the first time all sides of Lazy Lester’s vocal, harmonica and guitar skills.

Relase date: March 7th. 2011

For more on this fantastic new album you can read Bob Corritore’s linernotes her:

Lazy Lester possesses a glorious, immediately recognizable sound that has been loved and celebrated by generations of blues fans, going back to his earliest Excello recordings from the mid 1950s. But as easy as it is to recognize, it’s equally difficult to describe from a technical or purely analytical point of view. His harmonica playing has a loose, funky quality that on first impression might seem careless, when in actuality it is very proficient and strategic. His tone has a light air-filled quality much different than the compressed, over-amplified sound popularized by Chicago blues. But this tone is, in and of itself, a beautiful sound, reflecting the rural Louisiana environment in which Lazy Lester was raised. It is a tone that does not have to be muscular to be tough. Though best known as a harmonica player, Lazy Lester is also a guitarist, and the same down home, elusively spot-on richness applies in describing his guitar playing. His singing is filled with an unmistakable southern drawl that impresses the listener as both gruff and sweet at the same time. His slurring vocal inflections create a melody that defies transcription to sheet music. And Lester’s song choices are a perfect spotlight for his vocal talents. As a songwriter, Lazy Lester has always found great use of melody, catch phrases, and memorable ‘hooks’ while delivering the goods over a delicious groove. When covering someone else’s material, Lester’s choices are always satisfying reflections on his musical upbringing that are easily converted into his own personal voice. In essence, Lazy Lester is an un-apologetically southern bluesman whose rich musical flavor is wonderfully unique in today’s contemporary blues landscape.

Lazy Lester was born Leslie Johnson in Torras, Louisiana on June 20 1933, and moved to the Baton Rouge area while still a boy. Legend has it that his music career began while coincidentally taking a bus seat next to Lighnin’ Slim, who was headed to a recording session for Excello Records and needed a harmonica player. This led to an enduring partnership, and the Lightnin’ Slim / Lazy Lester sound became a hit making recipe. Lazy Lester also cut a string of his own hits such as “I Hear You Knockin’”, “I’m A Lover Not A Fighter”, and “Sugar Coated Love”, all of which are now often covered classics. He became a house musician for Excello and played harmonica, guitar, and all sorts of percussion on countless sessions for other label stars such as Slim Harpo, Lonesome Sundown, Jimmy Dotson, Henry Gray and others. Lazy Lester’s run with Excello lasted until the late 1960s, and this period will forever cement Lazy Lester into blues history as a beacon of Excello’s heralded “Swamp Blues” sound. After a brief post-Excello hiatus from music, Lazy Lester has continued to make wonderful music and proudly occupies the position of the greatest living “Swamp Blues” ambassador. He has recorded albums for Alligator Records, Antone’s, Ruf, Telarc, and Cambaya, and his early Excello recordings have been reissued many times on numerous labels. Lazy Lester regularly tours the US, Europe and South America, and was recently a highlight of the 2010 Amanda’s Roller Coaster harmonica gathering.

Upholding a grand tradition, You Better Listen allows us another chapter of Lazy Lester’s great music, brought to a new decade and an international stage. Lovingly produced by guitarist Morten Omlid and harmonicist Jostein Forsberg, this CD highlights Lester’s vocals, harmonica playing and guitar work through the eyes of two seasoned Norwegian blues musicians. This CD production is unique in that it features a number of tracks where Lester has overdubbed harmonica, allowing him a few different roles simultaneously in a song. The backing band for this project is Spoonful Of Blues, a group of sensitive and capable traditional blues players, who are Lazy Lester’s regular band for annual tours of Norway. From the opening notes of the romping Lightnin’ Slim classic “Rooster Blues”, with Lester playing backing harmonica over his lead vocals, we see a formula that really works. Lester’s down-home guitar is in prominence on “Ethel Mae”, a Lighnin’ Hopkins derived original, and a powerful slow blues standout. Who has more right to cover “Scratch My Back” then the man who played percussion on the original Slim Harpo hit? Lazy Lester’s love of country music is celebrated with two delightful performances; a great version of the Roy Acuff classic “Blues Eyes Crying In The Rain”, which has been converted into a rousing swamp blues rocker, and the instrumental “Paradise Stomp”, a sweet harmonica melody that is a fitting album closer. Throughout this fine program of a dozen songs, both originals and covers come through as vibrant performances, all masterfully “owned” by Lazy Lester. The recording studio in Norway was, for a few days, transformed into the swamps of Louisiana. Thanks to Morten and Jostein for their caring production of this fine album that is un-apologetically Lazy Lester!

-Bob Corritore, January 2011


Mixed by Njal Frode Lie, partly in Jukejoint Studio, and partly in Hydroparken Studio

Mastered in Hydroparken Studio by Njal Frode Lie, January 2011


Lazy Lester
The new album from Lazy Lester has finished the recording session, and is now into the mixing stage.
It will be finished during the autumn 2010


NRK – Video from Jukejoint
The public Norwegian broadcast company, NRK, visited the studio in the spring of 2010, and made a radio program about it.
The article – with a video – is available on the following page:


Super Chikan Super<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />                 Chikan

Recorded in Juke Joint Studio – Winning ‘Traditional Blues Album of the Year 2010′ price from The Blues Foundation

The Blues Foundation awarded the 2010 Blues Music Awards on May 6, 2010 in Memphis, TN, and Super Chikan won Traditional Blues Album of the Year for Chikadelic!

Super Chikan had received four nominations– BB King Entertainer of the Year, Song of the Year for “Fred’s Dollar Store”, Traditional Blues Album for  and Traditional Blues Male Artist.

Super Chikan and The Fighting Cocks were joined by Jostein Forsberg of Spoonful of Blues in their performance at the BMAs. (Text from the home page of ‘Super-Chikan’)